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How can it help my team?

Improve Together

Is your team stuck in a rut? Are you experiencing the same issues every sprint? Maybe it's time for a change.

Team Transparency

Nobody likes when team issues fester. Get ahead of them long before they turn into huge problems.

Engaging Conversations

Have deep conversations with your team about how you can improve together.

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It's free!

Features that make retros engaging

Realtime Updates

Real-time Updates All feedback, likes, and comments show up in real-time as team members add them. This is especially useful for remote team members, since they can dynamically add to the conversation.

Likes Show which retro feedback you agree with the most by upvoting feedback, which can help spark conversations about the most important issues. Optionally, limit the number of likes per person to better determine which feedback should be discussed.

Comments Engage in real-time conversations with your team about important feedback items. Comments show up instantly for all users as they’re added to enable richer interactions.

Action Items and Reminders Use action items to keep track of tasks/goals team members should focus on. Oustanding action items help remind the team each retro what’s left to complete.

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